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AKF Company is a consultancy agency with over 20 years of experience in International business and commerce. We have advised on and contributed to hundreds of projects all over the world covering a wide array of industries from Engineering, Construction, Renewables and Energy to Import and Export. Whether you are looking for suppliers, strategic partners, investors or clients in any corner of the world, AKF Company is your trusted partner and consultant. We have helped numerous companies and private clients to extend their reach, find partners, secure investment and establish manufacturing in Europe, Asia and Middle East

why our clients trust us

Integrity, humility, perseverance

From large multinational to unknown startups we have seen it all and have had experience working in both extremes of the corporate world, this allows us to view each and every client with humility and understanding no matter the level they are at. We prefer an open book approach to business and symbiotic relationships. We thrive in accomplishing the impossible.

Our business matchmaking service allows us to provide checked and trusted contacts all over the world in a multitude of industries, services and specialities

Investments allocated

    • $24.000.00078%
      Available money

Projects completed

    • 30/5060%

    We help companies find the right investor for their project. From Venture Capital firms to private investors, we have a solution to suit your business model


    You have questions? We've got answers.

    We appriciate the fact that taking your business a step further or finding a partner or manufacturer you can trust can be a daunting task and there are certain risks involved in working with international companies you have never worked with before, this why we have a trusted network of affiliates and researchers to provide a stress-free solution for your company in any corner of the world

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